WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING BRITCHES JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! This book… This book led me through the forest in loops and I was completely blind to every orange marker tied on the trees. BLANTANTLY OBVIOUS hints were thrust in my face, carved into the sides of birch trees, echoed through the forest by song birds, and yet I SAW NOTHING. I was full-on bird boxing it over here (is that a verb?) while Stuart Turton led me on a wild goose chase that defied all of my expectations.

I don’t even have words to properly explain what just happened to me as I read this book. Usually a book that has my attention so completely is done for within a day or two. This book took multiple reading sessions spread over the past week for me to absorb all of the information and events that were going on. This is truly a unique storytelling experience, where we follow the life of one man as he attempts to solve a murder that doesn’t look like a murder in a completely non-linear story-telling. The plot is told in an overarching arc of events that are all related but semingly irrelevant in the earlier chapters. Since the plot isn’t linear, you do have to pay attention to what you’re reading as you work through it, but this book truly blew my mind.

I’m not at all a fan of murder mysteries (or any sort of mystery book for that matter,) so I was shocked to find how much I really enjoyed reading this book when I picked it up. I was hesitant to even buy it. The only edition left on the shelf at the bookstore was a hardcover copy and you know I walked around the bookstore for an hour contemplating if I should really spend $27 on a book I was skeptical about at best.

I’m so happy I decided to throw caution to the wind.

I adored this book. I’m beyond impressed with Mr. Turton’s debut novel and I can guarantee that I will be purchasing his next book if he so chooses to continue publishing his work. I now also have an itch for more thrilling murder mysteries like this, so if anyone has some great recommendations for books that might give me a similar experience, I’m always up for the challenge!

If you’re considering picking this book up but you’re on the hesitant side, don’t worry about it at all! This book did not read like the typical ‘detective hunts a murderer and the plot is visible from a mile away’ kind of cliche. Turton has dropped his name with a bang and this is a book I will rememer for a long time.